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What are the typical applications of AV Over IP Systems IPM-920T/R

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In the context of the era of big data, our audio and video industry is also undergoing changes. The AV Over IP Systems has an important position in the audio and video industry due to its flexibility, scalability, wiring and transmission distance. Therefore, the AV Over IP Systems has been successfully applied in many projects by virtue of its characteristics and advantages. Compared with the traditional matrix, there are many AV Over IP Systems, so what are the typical applications of the AV Over IP Systems IPM-920T/R? Let's continue to look below.



Typical application of AV Over IP Systems IPM-920T/R

Use as IP matrix:

Connect IPM-920T and H.265 decoder IPM-920R to build IP matrix network. You can also use the PC Console tool and iPad to configure and manage this function.


Use as a TV wall:

Connecting IPM-920T and H.265 decoder IPM-920R can build a M x N TV wall (M, N is an integer between 1 and 16). You can also use the PC Console tool to configure and manage this function. For details, please refer to the instructions for using the PC Console tool.


The above is the typical application when the AV Over IP Systems is used as an IP matrix and TV wall. In addition, before using the wiring installation, make sure that all devices are powered off. Please plug and unplug the cables gently during the installation process. If the switch does not support PoE function or the power supply is insufficient, connect the power adapter to IPM-920T and IPM-920R.


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