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Why choose 4K HD matrix switcher for large conference rooms

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Why choose 4K HDMI matrix switcher for large conference rooms?


With the development of the times and technology, the use of 4K HD matrix switcher is becoming more and more common, so some of the previous HD matrix switchers are getting cheaper and cheaper. For example, some engineering companies are still not used to using 4K HD matrix switcher, or are they accustomed to accepting ordinary on the HD matrix switcher, today I will tell you why a large conference room chooses to use a 4K HDMI matrix switcher, and what are the advantages of the 4K HDMI matrix switcher?



Advantages of 4K HDMI matrix switcher as below:


1. Modular design of the board in 4K HDMI matrix switcher, the board can be replaced at any time if there are bad problems, it will not affect the work of the whole machine, all the input and output boards support hot swap in 4K HDMI matrix switcher;

2. 4K HDMI matrix switcher support the conversion of input signal format, 4K signal can also realize seamless and fast switching;

3. Input and output support multiple video signals: VGA, HD, DVI, 3G-SDI, HD-BaseT, YPbPr, CVBS, optical fiber LC, and software upgrades on online web pages;

4. 4K HDMI matrix switcher input and output resolution can support 4K (3840×2160@60), and it is backward compatible with 1080P, 1024P, 720P, 480P signals and other resolutions;


5. Dynamic color processing engine, motion compensation, 10Bit video processing, image speed processing engine and other multi-effect picture quality improvement circuits;

6. Support FAROUDJA DCDi edge smoothing, anti-aliasing, sharpening image processing technology, support output signal character superimposition and splicing functions;

7. 4K HDMI matrix switcher with English graphical control software, computer remote control can be carried out through RJ45 network and RS232, support central control control, support multi-channel simultaneous switching, address setting and other functions;


Shenzhen BeingHD Electronics CO., LTD. focuses on building a modern smart meeting room. To build a modern smart meeting room, you must choose a 4K HDMI matrix switcher. Reasons for choosing 4K HDMI matrix switcher for large conference rooms

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