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With the continuous improvement of people’s demand for news media and the continuous development of audio-visual technology, radio and television stations and integrated media centers have gradually developed into a fusion involving multiple complex systems. How to make these complex systems more accurate and coordinated? It has become a problem that TV stations and financial media centers urgently need to solve now and in the future.

These systems include subtitles, online packaging, hard disk broadcast servers, non-linear emergency broadcast and rough editing of various types of signals at the near-line editing site. The scattered signals must be unified, and different signal sources can be measured at any time through the studio. Perform monitoring, display and switching functions.

How to converge such a large number of high-definition video content distributed in different areas to the computer room perfectly and losslessly, and carry out flexible, safe, stable and reliable signal routing management, and then send it to the display terminal equipment located in different studios without loss, Will be the core issue facing the project. The following will analyze this core issue from several aspects.


How to overcome the limitation of distance

The distance for transmitting high-definition video signals by conventional methods is very limited, and the effective transmission distance is usually only a few meters to more than ten meters. However, this project will face many high-definition video long-distance transmission problems, such as the transmission of some high-definition video signals over 20 Or to realize the interconnection and intercommunication of video signals between different meeting rooms, the transmission distance will reach 2000 meters. How to carry out the lossless transmission of high-definition video signals between the two places?

At the same time, in a complex wiring environment, video signals are easily interfered, which affects the quality and stability of video images. Therefore, how to overcome electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference during transmission is also a problem that video transmission needs to face.

Integrated wiring environmental issues

Due to the wide variety of video formats, it means that video cables of different formats shuttle in the operator's seat, and a unified wiring environment cannot be achieved, which greatly reduces the compatibility, openness, flexibility, modularity, scalability and economy of the system.

Compatibility issues for different video formats

There are a large number of signal sources and display systems. At present, the mainstream video signal formats on the market include digital HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, HD-SDI, analog RGB, VGA, color difference components, S-Video and composite video, as video signals It is very important that the core video signal agent collaboration management system is fully compatible with these mainstream video formats.

Questions about reliability, stability and maintainability

All video signal routing management in radio and television stations and integrated media centers are implemented through the core video agent collaboration management system. Therefore, the reliability, stability and maintainability of the agent collaboration management system will affect the reliability of the entire video display system Performance, stability and maintainability. This requires the core agent collaboration management system to adopt some special designs to ensure the stability and reliability of its work process and easy maintenance.

Information security issues

At present, information plagiarism technology is becoming more and more developed, and information security problems are becoming more and more serious. For high-definition video agent collaboration management systems, how to ensure that information is difficult to be detected or stolen during video transmission is undoubtedly of great importance to the information security of the entire system. Meaning.

The problem of multipoint control

All video signal routing management is implemented through the core video seat collaboration management system, which requires that the switching of the core seat collaboration management system can be controlled in all rooms at the same time.


After analyzing the requirements of this project for the agent cooperation management system, combined with the experience of many successful cases at home and abroad, we recommend the ZETA twisted pair agent cooperation management system for video signal transmission and switching management. The working principle is that the signal sources of different formats from various places are aggregated into the seat cooperative management host through the twisted pair transmitter through the twisted pair cable, and the seat cooperative management host performs unified switching management, and then through the double The twisted wire is sent to the twisted pair receiver located at the front end of each display system and sent to the display systems everywhere.

The agent cooperation management system is very flexible in signal routing and switching management, any input can be switched to any output, and it is easy to establish a point-to-point and point-to-surface connection between the high-definition video signal source and each display system. Become a hub center for signal transmission, switching, and management of display systems in different conferences and command and dispatch areas, and realize the pixel-to-pixel transmission and switching of digital video with a single link 1920 x 1200 or 4096 x 2160.

In order to meet the technical requirements of the studio group seat collaboration management system, as well as the needs of future technological development. We use a unified twisted pair architecture product to apply to the entire project, follow up the distance of the transmission distance, and select the corresponding agent cooperation management system host and extender.



Serial number Equipment Name Brand Brand technical parameter Quantity Remarks
1 Agent collaborative management host ZETA 1. The seat cooperative management host, with KVM/digital video remote expansion function, realizes the instant switching of digital video signal with keyboard and mouse; 2
2. With instant switching, no black screen, no resynchronization, no delay, with EDID simulation management function, support for multiple types of signals (HDMI, DVI-D, DVI-I, USB-HID, USB 2.0, RS232, audio) ;
3. OSD control at any place, JAVA TOOL control with graphical network interface, single chain 1920x 1200
4.@60Hz/24bit, support USB 2.0 infrared touch screen function;
5. Provide serial and network interfaces for third-party control and realize drone room management;
6. With RS-232 or RJ45 communication interface for third-party connection control.
2 Twisted pair DVI extension access terminal ZETA Various signal sources transmit full HD KVM and optical fiber video over the twisted pair cable for real-time switching; support DVI, RS232, audio, USB-HID, USB2.0 and other signal input, support twisted pair transmission up to 140m 52
The resolution reaches 1920x1200@60Hz;
USB-HID supports keyboard & mouse;
Unique cooling system, no noise. "
Support rack installation in the cabinet.
3 Twisted pair DVI extension control terminal ZETA Various signal sources transmit full HD KVM and optical fiber video over the twisted pair cable for real-time switching; support DVI, RS232, audio, USB-HID, USB2.0 and other signal input, support twisted pair transmission up to 140m 52
The resolution reaches 1920x1200@60Hz;
USB-HID supports keyboard & mouse;
Unique cooling system, no noise.
Support rack installation in the cabinet.

HD, single channel can choose 4K (4096x2160) resolution

Using ZETA's optical fiber transmission solution, point-to-point transmission of 19220 x 1200@60Hz video signals, or 2560 x 2048@60Hz, supports resolutions up to 4096x2160@30Hz. The transmission distance of the twisted pair cable reaches 140m.

HD, single channel can choose 4K (4096x2160) resolution

Single channel optional realization resolution

By configuring different types of transceivers, it is possible to achieve compatibility with all current mainstream video signal formats, including HDMI, DVI, Display Port, VGA, and color difference components, composite video, etc., thus ensuring that the system is compatible with different video formats. Wide compatibility of input.

Compatible with multiple video formats

Configure the corresponding type of optical fiber receiver to realize the resolution conversion function. No matter what the input resolution is, it can be output to the subsequent display device at a fixed resolution.

Perfect backup mechanism

Redundant and hot-swappable power supply design, the main power supply and backup power supply work at the same time, when the main power supply fails, it can seamlessly switch to the backup power supply to work, and the failed power supply can be hot-swapped and replaced when the power is on, so as to achieve Replace or maintain the power supply without affecting the normal working conditions of the entire system.

Architecture link backup mechanism

In mission-critical applications, failure means information interruption, potential danger or threat; in extreme cases, it even threatens national security. Users cannot tolerate service interruption, so dual-system hot backup is required to avoid long-term interruption and ensure long-term and reliable service of the system.

Agent Cooperation Management System

For long and short distance environments, practical standard wiring ZETA loads standard wiring access technology for your optical fiber video system, that is, supports optical fiber cable or twisted pair cable standard access and automatic matching, so as to save the need to lay and weld a lot of video cables/VGA cables/DVI cables/HDMI Wires and other cables and connectors to ensure the display of ultra-high-resolution image quality within a distance of 10 kilometers (32,808 feet). Of course, fiber optic cable is an ideal choice for long-distance transmission of high-density data information, and wiring in accordance with environmental distance standards is a key factor that considers users and considers practical applications. Therefore, we want to ensure short-distance ultra-high-resolution images of 0-140 meters. Quality ZETA is your choice.

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