Waste Sorting and Education Center Solution


In today's world, it has become a consensus to save energy and realize the coordinated development of economy, society and population, resources and environment. In the "Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Ecological Civilization", the central government stated that it is necessary to accelerate the greening of lifestyles, promote the mainstream values of ecological civilization, incorporate ecological civilization into the socialist core value system, and lay a solid social and mass foundation for the construction of ecological civilization.

In recent years, with the rapid development of my country's economy and the substantial increase in consumption levels, the amount of domestic waste generated has increased rapidly, and garbage siege and garbage pollution have become prominent environmental and social problems. At present, the total stock of urban garbage in my country is more than 6 billion tons. With the increase of the population, it is increasing by about 8% every year. This garbage has encroached on 750,000 mu of land. Among the 668 cities in the country, more than 200 cities are trapped by garbage.

Promoting the classification of domestic waste and promoting the reduction of waste at the source is an important foundation for realizing the reduction, resource utilization and harmlessness of domestic waste. It is an inevitable requirement for in-depth environmental protection and ecological construction and a low-carbon life. It is to improve the overall level of urban civilization. Objective needs are an important way to build a green and beautiful home.

Garbage classification, education first, must greatly enhance everyone’s importance of garbage classification at the educational level. Therefore, it is very necessary to establish garbage classification-related mission halls, and gradually let these mission halls go to various communities, and directly understand the direction through these mission halls. Let everyone show the importance of garbage classification, let everyone pay attention to garbage classification, and also teach everyone how to recognize all kinds of garbage in daily life and be able to sort them out, so that everyone has the knowledge of garbage classification.


After a detailed analysis of the background of the garbage classification publicity and education center, two key needs are summarized, one is to publicize the importance of garbage classification, and the other is to teach and teach the knowledge of garbage classification. In the process of propaganda and education, some interactive technologies are used to entertain and entertain, so as to achieve a better effect of mission.

Combining the needs of various functions of the garbage classification and education hall, we have divided the following functional areas:

Window: Show the year of degradation of various items

Happy Supermarket: garbage sorting points can be exchanged for common daily necessities

Activity game area: dynamic experience area, including garbage sorting display area, waste article production display area, sorting game area and other display areas

Community service window: some external service windows of the community committee

Conference hall: the residents' conference hall in the community, which can also be used as a reading room and webcast room for residents at ordinary times

Vegetables and Fruits Area: Use fertilizers fermented from kitchen waste to grow vegetables and fruits


Waste Sorting and Education Center Solution

Propaganda wall Under the leadership of party building, some activities on co-construction and co-governance and residents’ participation were demonstrated. In addition to the government’s leading role, enterprises and institutions in the jurisdiction were also widely mobilized to actively participate in our garbage classification work, especially this year’s street party The work committee led the innovation and established the party committee of the XXX legal service gathering district. Our community and the Municipal Intermediate Court’s Party Branch of the Audit Management Office, the Party Branch of the Environmental Resources Court, the Party Branch of the Political Department, and the Municipal Office of Disease Control and Prevention The branch has been built in pairs, and they will come to jointly carry out garbage classification publicity activities on a regular basis, including large enterprises such as xxx and xxx, and will also participate in the community garbage classification work.
Shop window The year of degradation of various items displayed in the window can make residents realize that garbage classification is a work that requires everyone to participate. It also shows the sharp contrast between the pre-construction period, the post-construction period and the upgrade
Happiness supermarket In the whole process of garbage sorting promotion, it is required to "discuss beforehand, participate in the residents, and give feedback afterwards", and make a point card, and redeem corresponding rewards based on volunteer service points. The "Happy Supermarket" is for residents, party members, and volunteers to come and participate , Redeem gifts through points. The types of gifts include corporate-sponsored facial masks, facial cleansers, garbage cans, garbage bags, garbage sorting knowledge popular science cards, garbage sorting toy cars, etc.
Activity game area The interactive experience area, including the garbage sorting and processing display area, the waste article production display area, the sorting game area and other display areas, integrates knowledge, fun and interaction. Through publicity videos, physical display, intelligent somatosensory games, practical classrooms, etc., residents can experience the new fashion of garbage classification from visual, auditory, tactile and other aspects, and show visiting residents the effectiveness of the community’s promotion of garbage classification and the unique characteristics of the community. Experiences and practices, etc. If you press the button, you can see a promotional video about "How to Recycle Kitchen Waste"; you can also experience a smart game of scientific and technological interactive garbage classification. The question bank will also be updated regularly, and some activities will be organized for children to come over Participate in activities and distribute prizes
Community Service Window Some external service windows of community committees allow residents to obtain services easily. Many students come here every day to play or do homework after class, and there is a lot of traffic every day
Chamber The residents' meeting room in the community can also be used as a reading room for residents. At the same time, cooperate with volunteer tribes, combined with the current most popular webcast, arrange college student volunteers and invite the best, most advanced, and most representative volunteers to share garbage sorting stories at 3 pm every Saturday, and watch each live broadcast. The number remained at around 10,000, the number of live broadcast account fans was close to 3,000, and each live broadcast received more than 10,000 likes. Hundreds of preachers will also be trained by professional lecturers. They come from social workers, court judges, lawyers, students, etc. After becoming preachers, they can better participate in and promote garbage classification.
Vegetable and Fruit Area Through the use of fertilizers fermented by kitchen waste, a batch of vegetables and fruits have been planted to let the residents see more intuitively and vividly that if we strictly separate and put the food waste into treasure. Every Wednesday afternoon, there will be a flower fertilizer distribution activity. The bags are packed and distributed to residents in need, so that residents can experience composting and fermentation, and small-scale crops. The establishment and operation of this area make residents really feel the garbage classification. Benefits, recognize garbage classification from the bottom of my heart and establish the awareness of correct classification. In addition, we are also working with kindergartens in the community to develop outdoor activities for garbage sorting, so that children can claim plants and water them regularly to make this activity more meaningful and influential.
Community Service Window Some external service windows of the community committees allow residents to easily obtain services. Many students come here every day to play or do homework after class, and there is a lot of traffic every day

Waste Sorting and Education Center Solution

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