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HD Matrix Switcher Teaches You To Achieve Video Wall Without Splicing Screen Software

Release date:2022-03-08 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

In order to realize the video wall function of the video wall, the video wall software of the splicing screen is generally used, but if you need to switch multiple video signals to the splicing screen, you must control the software of the matrix and the splicing screen at the same time, and the operation process is troublesome. Using this HD matrix switcher can be used to switch multiple video signals to the video wall at the same time and realize large-screen splicing. There is no need to operate two control software at the same time, which greatly solves the complicated operation. It supports 4K ultra-high-definition transmission, and can support splicing screens with resolutions of 4K and below, which can adapt to the demand for clarity in different scenarios.


How does the HD matrix switcher realize the image switching and splicing functions? The built-in TCP/IP Server of the HD matrix switcher supports linking the device through the network port, and controls the switching of the input signal of the device through commands. The switch can be controlled through the WEB, enter the matrix IP address in the browser to enter the switch interface, and after entering the page, the signal can be switched to the display screen or the splicing screen, and the recalled scene can be saved, and 20 groups of scenes can be saved. TV splicing wall settings can be selected according to the input and output interface output. The HD matrix switcher with 8 inputs and 8 outputs can choose 2X4, 4X2, 2X2 and other devices, which can be selected according to the actual situation.


The main functions of the HD matrix switcher are:

1. It supports seamless signal switching function, and there is no black screen or splash screen when switching between signals.

2. Support 4K30 and below resolution input and output.

3. EDID management function, compatible with any brand of monitors and splicing screens.

4. Support a variety of switching methods, PC-side WEB control switching, mobile WEB/APP wireless control switching.

5.  Support TV wall splicing function, it is an HD matrix switcher integrating matrix and splicer.


BeingHD is a R&D and manufacturer focusing on audio and video conference room system equipment. Its main products include HD seamless hybrid matrix switcher, HD matrix switcher, HDBaset HD extender, HD optical fiber extender, distributed matrix switcher, video wall processors and other audio and video equipment. 

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