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What are the applications of 4k video wall controller?

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Anyone who has been around the display technology industry knows that LED and LCD video walls are hot right now, and one could get the impression that this is becoming the new de facto standard for large format commercial displays in houses of worship, museums, sports bars, retail, and other public settings, then the 4K video wall controller will be help you to control this LED and LCD display.

In the video wall controller market and for security projects in particular, 4K is proving to be much more than a vanity project. We’re already seeing demand for it in our control room and network management centre work. Includes exhibition halls, trade shows, map display system, GPS positioning system, oil monitoring, satellite positioning, conference rooms, Education and tanning, Casinos, hotels, and many other environments where large format multi-screen displays are required while at the same time having a clear detailed image in order to show your content and information easily to any viewer at various distances.

4k video walls controller: an ultra-HD ready video wall controller with On Screen Display, no software required, video wall controller with two HD video inputs and four HD video outputs, the 4K Video Wall Controller is ideal for environments where superior performance and crisp clear high resolutions are required to display your video content / digital signage over many displays in large format.  


Users can arrange content in creative ways, offering unique flexibility by combining the abilities of a video wall hardware controller. Better still, there’s no software required, as all content management options are effortlessly controlled via the 4K-Wall video wall controller unit itself. There’s no need for drivers or updates, just connect the HD inputs and HD screens to the controller and it’s ready to go


And increasing numbers of them are already starting to use graphics and displays in 4K definition in their control rooms. Another thing we are seeing as part of this change is an increase in small personal video walls rather than desktop displays – all made possible by 4K definition. That’s not to say we will see companies stripping out their existing control centres just to bring in new 4K video walls and visual display solutions.

Companies aren’t usually like individuals when it comes to keeping up with the Joneses. However, we are expecting organisations looking to ensure that their systems are capable of taking 4K content as they replace or refurbish their 4K video wall controllers, control rooms and network management centres as part of their planned investment.

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