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How does modular 4K HDMI matrix in the upgrading of conference rooms work?

Release date:2021-10-29 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

With the upgrading of meeting rooms and the upgrading of meeting room products, the signal format of the audio and video system of the meeting room will become complex and diverse, with various signal interfaces, like the older CVBS signal interface used before, YPbPr The signal interface and VGA interface, etc., to the HDMI and DVI signal interfaces that will be replaced later, so mixed switching of various signals has become inevitable. It is often the case that multiple signals are mixed and switched, and sometimes large screen splicing is used the function, then the high-definition modular 4K HDMI matrix switcher can achieve the effect of signal mixing switching and large-screen splicing.


BeingHDS high-definition modular 4K HDMI matrix with splicing supports DVI/HDMI/VGA/CVBS/SDI and other signal mixed switching, which solves the problem of seamless and incompatible switching of multiple signals in the audio and video system of the conference room. At the same time, HDBaset The interface and optical fiber interface also solve the problem of long-distance transmission, so that the 4K HDMI matrix can also support long-distance transmission. The splicing function of the high-definition hybrid matrix can support large-screen splicing, and 4K HDMI matrix can also achieve seamless switching in the splicing state. The high-definition hybrid matrix with splicing not only solves the problem of signal mixing and switching, but also solves the problems of long-distance transmission, multi-screen splicing, mixed signal switching and black screen. It not only brings a good experience, but also provides for the subsequent renovation of the conference room. More options.



The high-definition modular 4K HDMI matrix with splicing has one card four-channel series and single-card single-channel series. The 4K HDMI matrix has two options with audio and without audio. 

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