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Common problems and simple maintenance methods of HD matrix switchers and modular matrix switcher

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The HD matrix switchers or modular matrix switcher is to transmit one or more channels of video and audio signals to one or more display devices. For example, if two computer hosts share one display, the HD matrix switcher can transfer the content on the two computer hosts to one or more display.


A HD matrix switcher is a type of equipment that switches the output of multiple signals. Compared with the KVM switch, the operation and fault maintenance of the matrix switch will be relatively more complicated. For many customers’ feedback, they will inevitably encounter some problems in the process of use. The common problems and fault maintenance of the switcher are summarized and summarized below.

Q1. The signal interference is large.

Answer: Check whether the signal connection cable and plug are good, did the cable meets the specification requirements, were the system grounding working, and were the AC power grounding system between the devices consistent.

Q2. When there is color loss or no video signal output

Answer: A: Did the connecting cable and sockets of the matrix to the display device are well connected, and make a plug-in test to check is there color loss or no video signal caused by the cable is not connected properly.

     B: Check EDID information both of the display and the matrix whether match. If not, you need to re-identify the EDID on the display, or select the appropriate EDID from the built-in EDID of the matrix. If the matrix dont have EDID function, you need to manually select the appropriate resolution with the decoder on the card board.

     C: Check is the machine malfunctioning. There are two possibilities that board card failure or host failure. Then how to distinguish them, the method is: you can replace it with a board that has been tested OK, and replace it with one that has no quality problems. If there is no video signal output, then can be sure that the host is malfunctioning

        C1: If the board is malfunctioning, contact the manufacturer to replace the corresponding board.

        C2: If the host is malfunctioning, you need to contact the manufacturer to repair the host.

Q3. When the serial port (referring to the computer or the central control serial port) cannot control the matrix.

Answer: A: Please check is the port number selection of the software serial port correct.

    B: Check is the baud rate of the serial port and the host the same.

Q4. If the input and output signals of the matrix can be switched, but there is no "beep beep" sound.

Answer: You may have turned off the buzzer sound.

Q5. When the HD matrix switchers and modular matrix switcher is switched, the buzzer sounds, but there is no corresponding projected image output.


A: Check is there a signal at the corresponding input terminal. (Use an oscilloscope or a multimeter to test) If there is no signal input, it may be that the input cable is broken, or the connector is loose, just replace the cable;

B: Check is there a signal at the corresponding output terminal. (Use an oscilloscope or a multimeter to test) If there is no signal output, it may be that the output cable is broken, or the connector is loose, just replace the cable.

C: After the above two cases are replaced, it still not work. There may be an internal failure of the host. Please send it to a professional for repair.

Q6. If the power light is off and the LCD does not showed signal, there will be no response to the operation.

Answer: The power supply may be abnormal.

Q7. When connecting the connector, if you feel that the static electricity becomes stronger.

Answer: It is possible that the power ground wire is not connected to the earth, please connect it normally, otherwise it will damage the host and shorten the life of the host.

Q8. When the HD matrix switchers and modular matrix switcher panel buttons, serial port, and remote control cannot be controlled.

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