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HD 8x8 matrix switcher will be online soon, stay tuned-BeingHD

Release date:2021-09-09 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

The 4K60 HD 8x8 matrix switcher is a real 4K60 HD matrix switcher that Being HD will release soon. It is a 4K60 HD matrix that supports mobile phone control, iPad control, WEB two-way control, and APP centralized management. The resolution can reach 4K60. The original HD 8x8 matrix On the basis of adding new functions, the size is still 1U size and rack design.


New functions of 4K60 HD 8x8 matrix switcher:

1. Add the central control serial port. You can use the serial port to control other devices, enter the central control code in the control software to control the device, and control other matrices, splicing screens, etc.;

2. Added 3.5 audio embedding and de-embedding. 3.5 Audio embedding and de-embedding can meet the needs of different customers. The settings of the audio embedding and de-embedding functions can be set through the control software.

3. In addition to preset EDID settings, the output resolution settings, automatic resolution output, 2K resolution output settings, and 4K60 resolution output settings have been added.

4. Support HDR display technology, the display effect is better in the picture below.

The 4K60 HD 8x8 matrix switcher is mainly used in video conference rooms, demonstration rooms, small control rooms, TV teaching, large-screen display projects and other places.

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