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HD Matrix Switcher Makes Smart Meetings More Free And Convenient

Release date:2022-02-09 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

As a modern and effective communication method, video conferencing, whether it is Tencent meeting or some other video conferencing software, is a way of video conferencing, but in some formal meetings, the use of these video conferencing software is obviously not enough to meet the needs. HD matrix switcher, as a device often used in audio and video conferences, can connect multiple devices to display on multiple monitors, cameras, computers, and video conference terminals.


When conducting remote video conferences in some bank headquarters and branches, video conference terminals and HD video matrix are often used. Ultra-high-definition display can communicate more intuitively and clearly, and can switch HD video signals. Cameras, and images of videoconferencing endpoints. At the same time HD video matrix has 4 in 4 out, 8 in 8 out a variety of options. In a local video conference, multiple computers can be displayed on multiple monitors, so that the same notebook can be displayed on multiple monitors or multiple computers can be displayed on multiple monitors to achieve freedom of switching.


At the same time, HD matrix switcher is also used in monitoring. It can be connected to multiple surveillance video recorders at the same time and displayed on multiple monitors to realize centralized monitoring of multiple video recorders. At the same time, it can also realize splicing, so that the display screen of one surveillance video recorder can be displayed. On the splicing large screen, the monitoring is clearer. If you want to realize remote debugging and use of multiple servers, you can use a distributed system to realize agent management, which is simple and convenient.

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