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How to choose 4K modular matrix switcher high-definition for LCD splicing screen project

Release date:2021-10-16 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

Now many projects that use LCD screens will choose to use the 4K modular matrix switcher high-definition, but with the complexity and variability of use, the traditional single-signal matrix can no longer meet the current use situation. Therefore, in some LCD splicing screen projects, when multiple types of signals need to be input at the same time, the traditional single-signal matrix switcher cannot be satisfied, and the number of matrix switchers with different interfaces will increase. At this time, you have to consider choosing a 4K modular matrix switcher high-definition. A 4K modular matrix switcher high-definition device supports multiple types of signal sources, which can meet the input of different signal types, which is more convenient in some complex uses.

4K modular matrix switcher high-definition is an interface with multiple signal types, which can support DVI, HDMI, VGA, CVBS, SDI, LAN cable, optical fiber and other interfaces. The 4K modular matrix switcher high-definition adopts a plug-in modular design and a single card, large single-channel design, which is more convenient to replace and maintain. At the same time, the scalability of the 4K modular matrix switcher high-definition can be changed according to the number of LCD splicing screen items. When the source is changed, it can also be changed at any time by virtue of its modular design, and the changeability in the project is stronger.

At the same time, the 4K modular matrix switcher high-definition chassis is different in size, interface type, quantity, and price. Therefore, in the LCD splicing screen project, you can see the type of interface you need and how many interfaces you need to choose according to the actual situation. When choosing, we must also take into account future expansion needs. When using 4K modular matrix switcher high-definition for long-distance transmission, you can choose to use it with HDMI Extender/network cable transmitter and HDMI optical fiber transmitter, which can be freely matched.

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