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What is an HD matrix switcher, and what is the function of the HD matrix switcher?

Release date:2021-08-03 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-
1. What is the HD matrix switcher?
First of all, the HD matrix switcher is also known as the HD video matrix, so in simple terms, the HD matrix is a multi-input and multi-output device that integrates the HD signal distribution function and the HD signal switching function [the HD matrix of BingHD contains Audio, audio and video should be switched synchronously], the HD moment can output multiple HD signals at the same time, and can also distribute 1 HD signal into multiple outputs. We can see that the common HD video matrix generally supports panel switch control and infrared remote control switch control; some HD matrix supports RS232 control, LAN connection control, SPDIF optical digital audio output, external IR infrared input, etc. [BeingHD HD matrix Support network central control control, support WEB GUI/ RS232/ APP control/ 10-inch touch screen]. In the HD version, most of the HD matrix supports HD 1.3 or 1.4, [the matrix of the BeingHD can support up to HD 2.0 up to 4k@60Hz].


2. What is the use of HD matrix switcher?
We can see that the common HD video matrix has 4 inputs and 4 outputs, 8 inputs and 8 outputs, 8 inputs and 16 outputs, 16 inputs and 16 outputs.(BeingHD is the original manufacturer of 9-in and 9-out specifications) It is mainly used between multiple signal source hosts and multiple displays (spliced screens, etc.). According to the needs of different periods, it can quickly realize the switch between the signal source and the display without rewiring or replugging the host. For example: a traffic command center, each intersection is a video input, when you need to monitor all intersections, you can choose 1 to 1 output, when you need to view the detailed status of a certain intersection, you can directly stitch it the monitor zooms in to view the screen.

3. How to use HD matrix switcher?

When we get the HD matrix switcher, we should first check the manual to understand the function of each interface and button, and then connect the signal source, display and HD matrix according to the connection diagram, then connect the HD matrix ground wire, and finally connect it The matching power adapter can be used normally after power on. In addition, for the network control matrix like BingHD, it has more powerful and differentiated functions. We will also have professional technical support colleagues to connect with you to solve all the problems you encounter.


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