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How to use HDMI matrix switcher interface?

Release date:2021-07-30 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-
The method of using HDMI matrix switcher interface is as follows:

1. The choice of HDMI cable
HDMI cable is the abbreviation of high-definition multimedia interface cable, which can transmit uncompressed high-definition video and multi-channel audio data, and the data transmission speed is 5Gbps.
It adopts A-type standard 19-pin HDMI interface and has reliable TMDS connection function.

2. the connection of the device
Connect the HDMI matrix input interface to the HDMI high-definition output port of a desktop computer, all-in-one machine, notebook or multimedia desktop socket through an HDMI cable. The output interface of the HDMI matrix is connected to the projector or display.
Because HDMI supports EDID and DDC2B, it has the characteristics of "plug and play", just connect it directly, there is no need to set anything on the computer, the signal source and the display device will automatically "negotiate" and automatically select the appropriate Video and audio formats.

3. realized function
With the basic function of matrix, it can switch any one or more input video signals to one or more projection equipment (such as monitors) for display.

Compared with the VGA matrix, the function of the HDMI matrix is to support high-definition video signals, because the HDMI matrix matrix supports high resolution, which greatly makes the playback video image clear.

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