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BeingHD reveals the principles of distributed systems for you

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A distributed system is a software system built on the network. With the characteristics of cohesion and transparency, what is the principle of a distributed system? Let the editor of BeingHD introduce to you.

BeingHD reveals the principles of distributed systems for you

The principle of the distributed system is as follows:

The so-called distributed system is the use of multiple computers to collaboratively solve the problems of calculation and storage that cannot be solved by a single computer. The difference between a stand-alone system and a distributed system lies in the scale of the problem, that is, the difference in the amount of data to be calculated and stored. To use a distributed solution to a single-machine problem, the first thing to be solved is how to disassemble the problem into a multi-machine distributed solution, so that each machine in the distributed system is responsible for a subset of the original problem. Since the input object of the problem is data whether it is computing or storage, how to disassemble the input data of the distributed system has become the basic problem of the distributed system.

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