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How does the 4K HDMI multiviewer work in Studio or Live Use

Release date:2021-11-04 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

Anyone who reviews and monitors multiple live channels, including broadcasters, content owners, and playout centers, needs a 4K HDMI multiviewer. 4K HDMI multiviewer allows you to review a configurable number of channels from a single screen.

4K HDMI multiviewer is perfect for massive control rooms with lots of incoming feeds, for live multi camera production or for use on location and in tight spaces that don’t have room for multiple monitors. With BeingHDMI 4K HDMI multiviewer you don’t need to connect multiple monitors, dozens of cables or run extra power to see all of your video sources! Simply plug your cameras, decks, switchers and routers into the HDMI connections to see everything with amazing clarity and detail on a single HDMI or Ultra HDMI monitor!


The tough metal mini converter style design of the 4K HDMI multiviewer makes it perfect for use on the road or in tough broadcast environments. Simply plug in your sources and start monitoring! The 4K HDMI multiviewer works with HDMI or Ultra HDMI and features a Mini style design which means you can use it on a desktop. You can add an optional front panel, IR or use RS-232 for more control options. 

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