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If the display can't do the actual bezel correction, then let the 4K Video wall controller do it

Release date:2021-11-06 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

As time goes the 4K Video wall controller in big walls or the big image of video walls is widely used all over the world in multiple application areas. Such projects as show rooms, board rooms, public displays, university halls, lecture rooms, conference centers, traffic control centers, police supervision centers, utility supervision rooms, security supervision rooms, industrial control and supervision centers or even mission critical control rooms need more information and a single monitor screen is not enough.


The most common problem of the video wall is the monitor's bezel gaps can introduce space that was not intended to be there resulting in a disjointed image that is not continuous across all displays. At this moment, the bezel correction function of 4K Video wall controller will be very important, 4K Video wall controller will solve it in one minute.


Bezel correction is the term used to accommodate for the molding around the screens glass display that holds the panel together. Every screen manufacture has a different size bezel for their screens. The size of the bezel can be different on the top, bottom and sides of the screen. If the screens are arranged directly beside each other, the media will appear to “skip” the bezel region of the screen possibly distorting the media. 


The total canvas size should also include any correction for the size of the screen bezels. Since all the measurements of the canvas are in pixels, the number of pixels used by the bezel will have to be calculated.


4K-Video-Wall-Controller-with bezel correction


4K Video wall controller is a special ultra-high-definition picture splicing processor designed for ultra-narrow LCD screens. 4K Video wall controller not only can easily solve the split and misalignment, but its resolution can reach the effect of 8K ultra-high-definition display. With its diversity and flexibility of splicing modes, 4K Video wall controller occupies an important place in image splicing. At the same time, the front panel buttons, remote control, dialing code and other methods are used for control, and the control methods are diverse. The remote control one-key splicing has 7 The middle splicing mode can be selected, and you can choose as you like to make splicing easier. When the splicing screen appears to be split and misaligned, we can directly use the 4K Video wall controller remote control to adjust, and all functions can be done with the remote control of 4K Video wall controller.

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