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Which ports-HDMI/SDI/VGA/CVBS/MVM/HDMIBT does BeingHDMI 4K UHDMI Matrix Switcher board support?

Release date:2024-01-19 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

The 4K UHDMI Matrix Switcher board is a multi-functional device used for audio and video signal processing and conversion. By supporting a variety of interfaces, it can realize connection and data transmission between different devices. This article will introduce some common interfaces supported by 4K UHDMI Matrix Switcher boards.

First of all, 4K UHDMI Matrix Switcher boards generally support multiple HDMI interfaces. HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a high-definition audio and video transmission interface that is widely used in TVs, computers and other multimedia devices. Through the HDMI interface, the 4K UHDMI Matrix Switcher board can connect multiple HDMI devices and realize the transmission and processing of HDMI audio and video signals.

In addition to the HDMI interface, the 4K UHDMI Matrix Switcher board also supports other common audio and video interfaces, such as DVI interface. DVI (Digital Visual Interface) is a digital video transmission interface, mainly used for the connection between computers and monitors. Through the DVI interface, the 4K UHDMI Matrix Switcher board can connect to devices that do not support the HDMI interface and realize the transmission of digital audio and video signals.

In addition, 4K UHDMI Matrix Switcher boards can also be equipped with various audio interfaces, such as analog audio interfaces and digital audio interfaces. Analog audio interfaces (such as RCA interfaces, 3.5mm audio interfaces) can realize analog transmission of audio signals and are suitable for connecting boards to traditional audio equipment (such as speakers and speakers). Digital audio interfaces (such as optical fiber interfaces and coaxial interfaces) can transmit digital audio signals and are suitable for connecting boards to digital audio equipment (such as audio decoders and power amplifiers).

In addition, the 4K UHDMI Matrix Switcher board can also transmit audio and video data through the network interface. By supporting the Ethernet interface, the board can be connected to the LAN and exchange data with other devices. This method can realize remote transmission and sharing of audio and video signals, making it convenient for users to communicate and collaborate remotely.

In the 4K UHDMI Matrix Switcher board, DP interfaces and expansion slots may also be supported. The DP interface can connect to various peripherals, such as DP cameras, computers with DP interfaces, etc. The expansion board can be inserted into other functional modules, such as audio processing modules, video capture modules, etc. Through these interfaces and expansion slots, users can personalize and expand the 4K UHDMI Matrix Switcher board according to actual needs.

In short, the 4K UHDMI Matrix Switcher board is a powerful device that can process and convert audio and video signals by supporting a variety of interfaces. The interfaces it supports include HDMI, DVI, analog audio interface, digital audio interface, network interface, DP interface and expansion slot, etc. The existence of these interfaces makes the connection and data transmission of 4K UHDMI Matrix Switcher boards between various devices more flexible and convenient. The 4K UHDMI Matrix Switcher has its own control and switching system. It can also be connected to the central control host to complete centralized control switching, and the centralized control switching of the 4K UHDMI Matrix Switcher, curtains, large screens, power supplies, etc. can be completed directly through the tablet.

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