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How does EDID work in 4K HDMI matrix 9X9 ?

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The 4K HDMI matrix switcher 9x9 is an 9 inputs and 9 outputs HDMI matrix switcher, 9 HDMI input ports and 9 HDMI output ports, and several EDID buttons. It can be realized by reading the EDID when the input signal is output to the TV and the picture is not available. The normal output of the image, how does EDID work in 9K HDMI matrix 9X9?


The 4K HDMI matrix switcher 9x9 pulls off a neat trick of simplifying video transfer in your home theater. It’s such a reliable and simple standard, in which connecting devices usually “just works” without a hitch, that it’s easy to forget there are some interesting things going on under the hood, like HDMI EDID.


Under what are situation need to read EDID?

The above problems can be solved by reading the EDID when the signal source outputs the image to the display through the 9-in and 9-out 9K HDMI matrix, and the image has no sound, the output resolution is displayed incorrectly, the image is blurred, and there is no picture.


4K HDMI matrix 9x9 how to read and manager the EDID

1. Press and hold the EDID button for 5 seconds until the EDID light shows a flashing state, which means that the previous EDID is cleared;


2. Insert the HDMI cable connected to the display to the HDMI input interface, press and hold the EDID button until the EDID light is always on, and then plug the HDMI cable of the display back to the HDMI output interface;


3. Insert the notebook into the HDMI input interface, open the display settings of the notebook computer, check whether the EDID of the display is read, if it is read, the display model will be displayed. It will not be displayed if it is not read.


In fact, not only the 4K HDMI matrix 9x9 can read and manager EDID, the 4K HDMI matrix 18x18 also reads the EDID in the same way, and the 4K30 HDMI input board of the high-definition hybrid matrix reads EDID in the same way.

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