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Enterprise meeting room and BeingHD cooperation distributed matrix customization case

Release date:2020-12-16 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

Case name: Distributed matrix customization case of cooperation between enterprise conference room and BeingHD

Use equipment: distributed matrix

In September 2018, a general contractor of a project approached BeingHD, hoping that we would develop an intelligent system for large-scale corporate conference rooms to ensure the smoothness of collaborative office.

Enterprise meeting room and BeingHD cooperation distributed matrix customization case

After signing the contract, the project team arranges shipments and on-site installation and commissioning in a short time. During the installation process, the equipment was debugged according to the actual situation to ensure the adjustment in unexpected situations that may be encountered.

The whole project was completed at the end of September, and the project was qualified and accepted. The customer made a high evaluation of BeingHD, pointing out that BeingHD has good technology and product quality, thoughtful for customers, clear project process, and is a trusted smart conference room manufacturer .

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