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Why do most of users choose the 4K HDMI extender in many similar extenders?

Release date:2021-12-18 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

4K HDMI extender are commonly used equipment whether in weak current projects or integrated projects. They are mainly used to solve the problem that HDMI cables cannot be transmitted over long distances. In many cases, the transmission distance of HDMI cables is exceeded in the on-site construction. , So in this case, the use of the 4K HDMI extender is a good choice, which brings convenience to wiring and construction. The length of the network cable can be adjusted according to the actual situation.


BeingHDs 4K HDMI Extender adopts HDBaset transmission technology, which can transmit audio and video simultaneously through network cable. HDbaseT 1.0 supports a transmission rate of 20Gbps, can support FULL 3D and 4K x 2K video formats, and uses ordinary CAT5e for transmission. /6 network cable for uncompressed transmission, the connector also uses a common RJ45 connector, and the transmission distance is up to 100 meters(330 feet), supporting PoC unilateral power supply.


With support audio embedding and de-embedding, the 4K HDMI Extender can support independent audio input, support EDID reading, the 4K HDMI Extender of receiver can support independent audio output, support speakers, at the same time RS232 serial port, also supports data transmission, there are more choices of user, whether it is bidding or self-use, it is more competitive. It can also be used with HDBaset projectors or HDBaset boards of high-definition 4k hybrid matrix switcher to realize long-distance transmission of high-definition 4K hybrid matrix switcher.

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