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What are the advantages of HDMI matrix? BeingHD tells you

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The HDMI matrix is used to switch between multiple HDMI inputs and multiple HDMI outputs. What are the advantages of the HDMI matrix ? Let the editor BeingHD introduce to you.

What are the advantages of HDMI matrix? BeingHD tells you

The advantages of HDMI matrix are as follows:

The all-digital signal system of the HDMI digital matrix can fundamentally overcome some of the problems that traditional analog signal systems are difficult to solve, such as signal tailing, ghosting, blurring, brightness reduction, shading interference, etc., corresponding to digital signals, as long as the receiving end If the judgment of 0 and 1 is correct, the information can be received without loss, so that the image quality is guaranteed.

Compared with traditional analog signal systems, the use of all-digital HDMI matrix is more conducive to building large-scale systems. Since the degradation of the signal by the links in the analog signal system will accumulate, the result will be the sum of the signal damages of all links, and the multiple distribution and switching of signals in the large system, long-distance transmission and other links will cause the signal quality to decline. The all-digital signal system adopts the digital matrix, the transmission distance is long, the project coverage area is large, and the installation and debugging is easier and faster.

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