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What is a 4K60 Video wall controller? What are the functions of 4K60 Video wall controller?

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4K60 Video wall controller, also known as 4K video wall controller, mainly uses a multi-screen graphics card host to display the display content and pictures on multiple multi-block splicing screens, and then through the multi-screen software, different pictures, files and windows can be displayed according to different needs. On the splicing screen, the function of multi-screen simultaneous display is realized. At the same time, the video wall controller and multi-screen software has the effect of opening multiple windows on a single screen. When used in the exhibition hall, it is necessary to display the effect of multiple video displays at the same time. What are the functions of the video wall controller? The following will give you a detailed introduction.


The function of 4K60 Video wall controller:


1. Can support up to 8K resolution input, can support vertical screen splicing;


2. Supports 2 HD input interfaces, which can be switched, and 4 HD output interfaces;


3. Support single-screen rotation function, can be 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees, support horizontal synchronization output;


4. Can support audio de-embedding function, output 3.5 audio interface, can be connected to mixer and directly connected to audio;


5. Support horizontal and vertical edge shielding adjustment, which can effectively adjust the problem of image display dislocation;


6. It can support 2 control video wall methods, remote control and serial port commands, which can realize 1X1, 1X2, 1X3, 1X4, 2X2, 2X1, 3X1, 4X1 and other video wall.


The function of the 4K60 Video wall controller is mainly to realize that a single screen can open multiple windows, and the image is displayed point-to-point. Even if it is spliced on multiple large screens, the display effect will not become blurred due to image splicing and magnification, whether it is applied in the exhibition hall or advertising. It is a very good choice on the promotional screen.

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