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How To Choose An Economical And Practical HDMI Matrix Switcher? Audio Visual Equipment Manufacturers Guide For You

Release date:2022-02-05 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

Regarding the question of how users choose HDMI matrix switchers, I shared three points with you last time, which are explained in terms of product quality, good compatibility, and easy operation. Do you have any new directions on this issue? As a R&D manufacturer with 15 years of development experience, we are committed to providing users with a set of reasonable and feasible audio and video signal switching system solutions. Now, let's continue from the previous lesson and look at other factors to consider.


The first is the evaluation of users who have used the product, that is, to see the successful engineering cases of some manufacturers. User experience is an important criterion for measuring the quality of a manufacturer's product. Only through repeated testing, the product will not delay the progress of the project and will not be prone to problems. It is unrealistic to examine the quality of HDMI video matrix switchers from a professional point of view, which is tantamount to "self-praise". A good video matrix switcher and a good video switching system solution can only be confirmed for its viability after it is brought to the market and tested by users. Users can refer to the manufacturer's product solutions and cases to determine whether their project positioning and needs are met.


The second is the stability and reliability of the product. In the video conference system, the stability of HDMI matrix switcher is particularly important. As long as there is a little defect, it will be infinitely enlarged on the terminal and the display screen, which will seriously affect the normal progress of the conference, and lose the ultimate meaning of choosing this product and building this system. Of course, the stability of this product is also important in other situations. Again, it's the direction of multifunctionality. HDMI matrix switchers not only have the function of displaying and outputting video signals, but also need to add some intelligent elements to allow users to have a better experience, more convenient operation, and simpler and rough project maintenance. The HDMI matrix switch instrument developed and produced by Dg Space has the WIFI control function of mobile phone, scene storage switch rotation, WEB page control, port mapping expansion, IAP online upgrade, according to different user needs, we try to customize some very eye-catching and practical functions , which is widely used in various video surveillance and video conference projects, and has been well received by users.


Once again, it is necessary to pay attention to the problem of after-sales processing and after-sales maintenance of products. The quality of electronic products is good, and a little problem in actual use is often a problem. Therefore, manufacturers should have complete product after-sales service and systems, and always do a good job in technical guidance and maintenance of products. On the contrary, if there are after-sales problems and technical support cannot keep up, it is a very passive thing for users, which will involve financial resources and time. The HDMI matrix switcher developed and produced by Dongjianyu has port mapping function, which is very important in the user's use and maintenance process, which can save your financial resources and energy. The repair time of other manufacturers' products may take several days, but we have turned on the port mapping function, which may solve the problem in 2 minutes.

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