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On The Importance And Practicability Of 4K HDMI Matrix Switcher In The Power Industry

Release date:2022-02-04 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

In order to achieve a better conference effect, a power emergency command in the United States needs to upgrade the video conference system. After various evaluations, it was decided to use the 4K HDMI Matrix Switcher solution system to upgrade the conference project system. In modern society, power communication is an important guarantee for the security, stability and economic operation of the power grid. Therefore, the emergency support capability of power communication is particularly important, so the power industry invests heavily in the construction of power informatization.


Through information and communication technology, the power company can obtain more timely information from all aspects, improve the efficiency of power grid operation, achieve reliable power supply and timely control of the safety status of its own equipment. The power emergency command and emergency headquarters of the Chinese power grid has an order to upload and publish the responsibility of the work spirit in the power dispatching room. As long as it is a project in the industry, it is a diversified and complex signal, and the audio and video synchronization requirements are high. In addition, The real-time monitoring system is parallel synchronization, so it is most appropriate to choose a 4K seamless high-definition hybrid matrix switcher solution system at this time.


Recently, BeingHD has improved the digital multi-functional conference room in response to the needs of the power emergency headquarters. After in-depth understanding of the conference room equipment in the emergency department, we decided to use the audio and video multi-signal 4K seamless high-definition hybrid matrix solution system to improve and upgrade the conference system. As the power emergency command department, it not only realizes the dispatch and command of emergencies, but also realizes video conference, management, real-time information browsing, technical training, information exchange, interconnection between different cities, county and city power companies. In the local area video conference, a variety of signal conversion devices are used to solve the problem of conversion between different signals. Due to the excessive signal conversion equipment, the digital conference system is overstaffed, which increases the difficulty of use and management. Audio and video multi-signal can solve this problem well, because the audio and video multi-signal 4K HDMI Matrix Switcher solution system can complete the free switching of various signal types in a short time, and maintain the clarity of the video, making Video conferencing is more convenient and faster.


According to the needs of the scene, we adopt the audio and video multi-signal 4K seamless high-definition hybrid matrix switcher solution system. The input channel and output channel are both 32-channel video input, and the output board adopts a modular rear box structure, which can be flexibly configured differently. The format and number of signals; the power board and the control board are powered by dual power supplies, which improves the stability of the equipment and can well solve the conversion problems of various signals, which not only improves the conference effect, but also strengthens the modern conference room.

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