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How Does The HD Audio And Video HD Matrix Switcher Switch Sound To Audio Solution?

Release date:2022-02-01 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

HD audio and video HD matrix switcher switching audio to audio is the basic equipment in the video conference switching display system. The input signal may come from different sources, the output signal is basically parallel and consistent, and the output signal is one or several input signals selectively. In theory, the identity of the output signal is beyond doubt.


After many years of working in switching audio to audio from an HD audio and video matrix switcher, according to product debugging experience and after-sales service feedback, it is found that the output signal is not absolutely consistent. The discovery is a leap of the imagination. Specifically, there are some things that are not completely consistent: time delays, details, etc. If you are a consumer who does not have high requirements for product quality and does not care about the product service experience, you don't have to mind these differences, you can use it as long as the picture is not blurred; but now the definition of the picture has reached 4K, 8K forward, users are more The requirements for product quality and reliability are becoming more and more stringent. As a manufacturer, if you do not pay attention to the details of design, you will lose confidence in your products.


The hardware design of the HD audio and video matrix switcher to switch sound to sound mainly includes signal processing, communication, power supply, and electromagnetic field, among which the influence of communication is relatively small. Other factors can also negatively affect product quality if not handled properly. We all know that the design unit inside the chip is vertical, and the space arrangement between each module can achieve a general balanced distribution, which is conducive to the stability and improvement of the overall performance; but it is another matter for specific video electronic products Because the PCB is a flat structure, the spatial distribution of different units is unbalanced, resulting in a large difference in the length of the signal traces, and a large difference in the distance between the power supply chips. Electronic products with external electromagnetic interference (each line output or inputs are all one unit).


The design concept of BeingHD HD audio and video HD matrix switcher to switch sound to sound is very smart and practical, the layout of PCB wiring and positioning holes and the position of independent power board. In order to maintain the same signal, between different units, the length of the line should be slightly uniform, not demanding, but not too different, limited to one centimeter. The power wiring should be kept in plum-style and fancy style as far as possible. When approaching the edge of the board, there must be enough spare space, not one inch of ground. The chassis design, the placement of the board, and the choice of the grounding position must be considered. In short, a designer should establish a consciousness: product quality, there is such a ideological wake-up call from the design, don't worry about whether the product is good or not.

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