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Could the 4K HDMI high-definition matrix switcher control via the Windows, iOS, and Android systems?

Release date:2021-12-25 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

With the gradual coverage of HDMI high-definition technology, the 4K HDMI high-definition matrix switcher is not only used in broadcasting, TV stations, and video conferences, but also a video conference management device required by modern enterprises. At the same time, with its convenient operation and easy use, 4K HDMI high-definition matrix switcher can be connected to various front-end input devices and back-end output devices, which plays an important role in actual use and becomes an important part of modern video conference management.


This series of 4K HDMI high-definition matrix switcher has 4 inputs and 4 outputs, 8 inputs and 8 outputs, 16 inputs and 16 outputs. It is an HDMI HD matrix switcher that can support software control and central control. The software control interface is the LAN interface used. The serial port control is the RS232 interface, the control support WEB control, enter the IP address, or you can directly use APP to control, at the same time, you can use Windows system, iOS system, Android system for remote control, which is convenient for many users.Especially in some important occasions such as video conferences. It saves a lot of time. Using Windows system, iOS system, Android Android system for remote control, even if away from the computer room, you can switch the signal with a single click.


This 4K HDMI high-definition matrix switcher uses Windows, iOS, and Android systems for remote operation, as well as the front panel buttons and infrared remote control of the 4K HDMI high-definition matrix switcher itself for control switching. The diversity of switching methods makes it more convenient to use. More 4K high-definition hybrid matrix switcher, distributed IP matrix, and image splicing processor can use these three systems for switching control.

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