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How does the HD Modular Matrix Switcher realize the control with the iPad and iOS/android phone? Router is important

Release date:2021-07-16 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

The HD Modular Matrix Switcher can realize the switching and transmission of images, and can transmit multiple signal sources to multiple displays to ensure the high-definition display of the image and ensure that the image is not distorted.

PC WEB GUI and from button to control the switch are the normal control method, but if we want to control with the iPad and iOS/android phone, we must ensure that the router and the matrix are in the same network segment. What should we do? BeingHD will teach you to step by step.


First of all, we need to check the IP address of the HD Modular matrix switcher. For example, the IP address is, which is in the "1" network segment, so our router should also be set to the "1" network segment.

Then use a network cable to connect the matrix and the router, and turn on the power of the matrix.

Finally, we use the iPad and iOS/android phone to connect to the WIFI hotspot of the router, then they are all in the same local area network, and then open the browser in the iPad and iOS/android phone and enter the IP address to enter the control interface.

Enter the password after the interface to realize the control of the HD modular matrix, whether it is a video wall, switching, scene saving, and recalling, and the flexibility of the iPad and iOS/android phone is worked well, and it is not limited by cables and space, so you can do it friendly. The high-definition modular matrix is mainly used in some visual video conference rooms and smart classrooms, so the control of iPad and iOS/android phone control is of great help to the flexibility when you have meetings and teaching.

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