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How to choose the HDMI matrix switcher correctly?

Release date:2021-07-16 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

There are many types of HDMI matrix switcher on the market, with different sizes and prices ranging from hundreds to thousands. Different manufacturers produce have different types and prices. Then how do we choose the HDMI matrix correctly? We mainly choose from the function, safety and after-sales service.


How to choose HDMI matrix correctly:
1. Functionality. To purchase any product, we must first satisfy our use. If its function cannot satisfy our use, then no matter how cheap, safe, and stable this product is, you will not buy it. Being HDMI matrix supports many-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many switching. Support EDID management function, support Web and APP control, support  RS232 control, 4K HDMI display is clearer.

2. Security. The safety of the products is also very important. The safety of a product is closely related to our lives. Most HDMI matrixes on the market use a built-in 220V DC power supply. There is no isolation cover. The wires inside are placed at will It is very unsafe on the power supply module, and it is easy to cause electric shock. BeingHDMI HDMI matrix adopts 12V DC input, the internal wires are placed neatly, and there is no built-in power module, so it is safe to avoid electric shock.


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