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Do you know the functions of HDMI matrix switcher?

Release date:2022-04-29 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

HDMI matrix switcher is a multi-signal switch that can support arbitrary switching, whether it is one-to-many, many-to-many, or multi-to-one switching, and can support multiple control methods. You can choose which one to use according to actual needs and environment. There is a switching method, which supports multiple online switching at the same time, allowing you to do whatever you want. It supports 4K30 resolution ultra-high-definition display, and the EDID management function is compatible with all HDTVs. What are the functions of the HDMI matrix switcher?


The main functions of HDMI matrix switcher:


1. It can access multiple signal sources at the same time, and then switch multiple different HDMI signals to multiple displays. Some HDMI matrix switchers that can support splicing also It can complete the TV wall splicing function.


2. Support a variety of switching control methods, support network control (PC-side WEB control, mobile tablet WEB, APP control, Android and Apple systems are applicable), support serial RS232 control switching, can be connected to the central control system to achieve centralized Control, make the conference room video switching more convenient, support the front panel button control switching, support remote control switching.


3. Support EDID management function, which can be better compatible with different display devices.


HDMI matrix switcher is different from Modular HDMI Matrix switcher. The product size is 1U. It can have better advantages in projects that require product size. At the same time, it has more advantages in terms of cost performance in the small conference room.

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