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AV Over IP Matrix Feature Allows Each Classroom To Switch And Preview Signals

Release date:2022-06-07 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

At present, we want to talk about node-based applications, which have strong scalability, fast and flexible switching, and can also support signal preview and image echo. You may think that it is AV Over IP Matrix, and the function of AV Over IP Matrix can achieve the above description, you can Let users feel more at ease and at ease during use. At the same time, it helps many training institutions to better complete and present training courses.


The functions of the AV Over IP Matrix mainly include:


1. Node-based design, no need for a host, so you dont need to worry about host replacement, just replace a node, if one node is damaged, it will not affect the normal operation of the entire AV Over IP Matrix.


2. Support the signal preview function, which can be switched and previewed through the mobile phone in each classroom, and the image of the signal source is input at the front end, so that the trainer can switch the image courseware they need to the projector or display screen of the department more quickly and accurately.


3. It can support multicast and unicast mode. When multiple nodes need to be connected to multiple switches, you can choose to use multicast mode, which can make the image more stably displayed on the projector or large screen.


4. It has the functions of matrix and video wall processor at the same time, and can support the display of 16x16 video wall.


Now the use of AV Over IP Matrix is more and more extensive, whether it is distributed IP matrix or KVM distributed agent, they are all used in the command center, and are more and more accepted by more and more people.

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