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Application of 4K Video Wall Controller In Vertical LCD Splicing Large Screen

Release date:2022-06-09 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

LCD splicing large screen is a widely used splicing method. We often see that most of them are installed horizontally, and the screen ratio is also displayed according to our normal ratio. It is very convenient whether it is installed or used. The screen installation is also horizontal installation, and vertical screen installation is rarely used. However, vertical screen splicing is used in some special occasions and usage scenarios, such as the exhibition halls, corporate halls of some companies, and the publicity spaces of some brand storefronts, etc. Therefore, the technical requirements for resolution and seamless splicing are higher. The higher it comes, the 4K Video Wall Controller as a point-to-point display device, whether it is a good device in splicing or ultra-high-definition display, what is the application of 4K Video Wall Controller in the vertical LCD splicing large screen?


Regardless of whether the large LCD splicing screen is displayed vertically or horizontally, the requirements for image display are very high when used for display or publicity. Customers often require point-to-point display, and even vertical screen display cannot be stretched and deformed. On top of these requirements, the application of 4K Video Wall Controller in the vertical screen LCD splicing large screen is reflected. The combination of 4K Video Wall Controller and multi-screen graphics card can achieve the function of point-to-point display, such as 1X8, 1X16 vertical screen splicing, we can use 4-screen graphics card, and then use 2 and 4 4K Video Wall Controllers to complete the splicing Now, the vertical screen display only needs to be adjusted using the remote control, rotating each LCD splicing screen 90 degrees or 270 degrees, and then through the multi-screen graphics card software, the vertical screen splicing display of the entire LCD splicing large screen can be realized.


The application of 4K Video Wall Controller on the large LCD splicing screen not only meets the requirements of customers, but also allows users to experience the visual effect of ultra-high-definition display, whether it is horizontal or vertical screen, it can be satisfied, and it also makes the whole project more smoothly. Effectively. BeingHD is a manufacturer of high-definition hybrid matrix, HDMI matrix, HDMI network cable transmitter, HDMI optical fiber transmitter, etc., and supports OEM customization.

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