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Why Use High-definition HDMI Matrix Switcher For Complex Audio And Video Conference System Construction

Release date:2022-03-10 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

As a commonly used equipment in audio and video conference systems, high-definition HDMI Matrix Switcher plays an important role in the entire conference system. There are often many different types of equipment in complex audio and video conference systems. There are mainly cameras in the conference room, cameras, high-definition players, computer equipment and other devices, different input devices have different interfaces, devices with different signal interfaces need to be displayed on display devices, such as projectors, splicing screens, monitors, flat-panel displays, etc., while Various types of input signals need to use a high-definition HDMI Matrix Switcher of devices with multiple signal interfaces for signal switching, which can switch images of different input devices to the display device.


What are the advantages of choosing a high-definition HDMI Matrix Switcher as the equipment used in the audio and video conference system?


1. high-definition HDMI Matrix Switcher supports modular and switching of various signals, supports DVI/HDMI/VGA/SDI/CVBS/HDMIBaseT/Fibe and other seed signals, and supports splicing function


2. The high-definition HDMI Matrix Switcher supports seamless switching of different signal types, and there will be no flash or black screen when switching between different signals or the same type of signals, which can meet the high requirements of the conference system.


3. The high-definition HDMI Matrix Switcher can be connected to the central control host of different brands to realize the centralized control of the central control.


4. The high-definition HDMI Matrix Switcher supports a variety of control methods, supports WEB control, and supports mobile phone and tablet APP control.


The high-definition HDMI Matrix Switcher as a common equipment in the conference room and an image splicing processor, constitutes the video signal switching and display functions in the conference room, and realizes the simple and convenient video switching.

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