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What Are The Commonly Used equipment for splicing screens in hotel halls? 4K Video Wall Controller is The Best Choice

Release date:2023-02-26 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

Now in the hotel lobby or restaurant outside, we can see that they use splicing screens as display devices, and the images displayed by them are very high-definition without any fuzzy phenomenon. What kind of equipment is used to make these videos can it be displayed on the splicing screen in high definition? Of course, our 4K Video Wall Controller is used.


What kind of device is the 4K Video Wall Controller, and why can it become a commonly used device for splicing screens in hotel halls? Because it has ultra-high-definition resolution, most of the resolutions on the market are 4K60, and the resolution transmitted by this 4K Video Wall Controller can support ultra-high-definition 8K, which provides higher resolution than low-resolution formats. Detail and clarity, making it ideal for large-screen displays. In addition to the function of transmitting ultra-high-definition resolution, Multi-Screen is also a multi-functional display processing device. It can also make the displayed picture not stretched and deformed, and realize point-to-point display. It can be scaled according to the screen resolution. Extended resolution, no compression, no stretching, no distortion of the picture, and the details are visible.


4K Video Wall Controller are not only commonly used in hotel lobbies, but also widely used in shopping malls, exhibitions, conferences and other scenes. Features such as ultra-high-definition picture quality, non-stretching and unshaping of the display screen make 4K Video Wall Controller very popular in these fields.

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