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What is 4K HDbaseT HDMI extender, what are the advantages of 4K HDbaseT HDMI extender?

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4K HDbaseT HDMI extender is an AE version HDMI extender which is using the advanced HDBaseT technology. It can transmit the HDMI signal, audio embedded/de-embedded, bi-directional IR and RS232 signal over single LAN cable(recommended the STP Cat5e/6/7) up to a long distance and only need to power on one side with the POC function.


HDBaseT is a high-definition digital display interface, which realizes an integrated connection between a high-definition video source and a remote display through a 100-meter/328-foot CAT5e/6 cable, providing uncompressed high-definition 4k video, audio, Ethernet, and control Signal and power up to 100 watts.

It is a data transmission technology developed by the consortium of major home appliance manufacturers Sony, LG, Samsung and Israel’s semiconductor companies from Japan and South Korea. It passed Intel’s HDCP certification in 2009 and confirmed the formal specification of HDBaseT 1.0 at the end of June 2010. .

HDBaseT does not redesign a new interface like HDMI and Display Port. Instead, it uses the 8P8C (RJ45) interface that is familiar to the public, commonly known as crystal head or Ethernet interface. The transmission medium uses a network cable that we are very easy to obtain and familiar with. In addition to providing video signal transmission functions, the HDBaseT standard also has network connection and Power over Cable (POC) functions. Therefore, HDBaseT technology is a transmission technology that can complete multiple functions with only one cable.

Advantages of 4K HDbaseT HDMI extender

1. HDBaseT technology HDMI Extender, not only can transmit images and voices, but also retain the functions of the network cable itself

2.  Extend 4K/30(4:4:4) video & IR & RS232 Control

3. Transmission distance up to 70/100m 220/330ft(1080P60) or 35/70m 110/220ft(4K30)

4. RS232 and IR signal transmission, POC function

5. EDID management and 3.5mm separate audio on the transmitter

6. Support 3.5mm audio separate audio on the receiver

Due of the multiple advantages of the all-round interface HDBaseT technology, there are many devices with this function, such as 4K HDbaseT HDMI audio and video extenders, audio and video matrixes, audio and video encoders, etc. This series of HDBaseT products BeingHD which is an audio visual equipment manufacturer has been produced. You can choose specific products according to your needs.

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