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Can the 4K HDMI Matrix Switcher Controlled By The Network Realize The Switching And Video Wall?

Release date:2023-04-12 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

The network control 4K HDMI matrix switcher is a serial port reverse control function added on the basis of our common HDMI matrix switcher. The splicing screen can be switched on and off by inputting the switch code of the splicing screen on the network control interface. If we need Completely get rid of the splicing screen control software, control the 4k HDMI matrix switcher interface in our network to complete the splicing control and signal source switching of the video wall, you can directly input the video wall code into our control interface, and directly control it on our mobile terminal and PC terminal Signal switching and videowall.


The 4k HDMI matrix switcher controlled by the network can realize the benefits of turning on and off the splicing large screen and make video wall

1. It can get rid of the trouble of using splicing screen software and matrix control switching software at the same time;

2. Support mobile phone and tablet APP/WEB control switch, you can directly switch the signal and switch on and off the large screen directly on the mobile phone;

3. User operation is simpler, do not use multiple control software at the same time.



In addition to switching on and off the large screen and video wall, what other functions does the network-controlled HDMI matrix switcher have?

1. Support multi-channel video signal input and output, realize one-to-many and many-to-many;

2. Support multiple control switching methods, support mobile phone, tablet APP/WEB control switching, support PC terminal computer switching, support front panel button switching and remote control switching, and support serial port RS232 control.

3. Support 1 channel of 3.5 audio de-embedding function output, you can choose the sound of any input signal to be de-embedded to the audio processor and then output to the speaker;

4. Support the scene saving and calling function, you can switch according to your own needs, save it in the scene, and call it directly with one key when you need it. easy and convenient.

Some of our customers often ask in the consultation, do they still need a central control host with the network central control HDMI matrix switcher? This depends on the customer's needs. If you have a meeting room, you can support signal switching and large-screen switching without using the central control host. If you need to implement various controls such as sound, light, and electricity in the meeting room You need to use the central control host.

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