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What are typical applications of 4K AV Over IP?

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In the era of big data, our audio and video industry is also changing. The distributed matrix plays an important role in the audio and video industry with its flexibility, scalability, cabling and transmission distance. Therefore, distributed matrix has been successfully used in many projects due to its characteristics and advantages. Compared with traditional matrices, there are many distributed matrices. So what are the typical applications of 4K AV over IP system?


Nowadays, people's demand for high-quality video is increasing day by day. In the fields of sports events, cultural activities, religious activities, and control rooms, the traditional single camera position can no longer meet the growing needs of viewers and operators. In order to achieve an immersive viewing experience and operation, we must first overcome three major problems: low latency, high image quality and higher resolution.


And multi-signal input and output - it represents more devices, more interfaces, and more money. Therefore, in order to save costs and improve efficiency, some manufacturers began to use AV over IP for video transmission and production.

Typical Application of 4K AV over IP System:

 • Sports bars

 Retail area

 Control rooms

4K AV over IP System Deployment

4K AV over IP system

 4K AV Over IP Solution Features

 • Easy to install
Long-distance cabling :
Decoders and encoders are connected to a network switch using standard 1m-150m cables. This means that the maximum transmission distance from the source encoder to display decoder is up-to 300m. This delivers long distance transmission at very low cost, using standard Ethernet cables. 
 • Easy to use GUI
• Each feed can be previewed in a web browser making operation both accurate and intuitive 
• The GUI can run securely on any connected device, such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet
• Source routing can be changed in real-time: drag-and-drop thumbnails quickly to switch sources and end points  
• Create monitor groups to apply layouts with a single click
 • High quality images 
High Quality 4K Transmission :
The BeingHD 4K encoder/decoder IPM/925 and IPX-925 delivers 4:4:4 UltraHD video at 30Hz and 4:2:0 at 60Hz. BeingHD's compression technology produces visually lossless 4K that can be transmitted over standard 1-Gigabit Ethernet networks.

Ultra-low Latency : 
With minimal delay between HDMI sources and decoders, 4K video can be sent dynamically to any display and simultaneously to multiple displays.
 • Low cost and easy to upgrade 
Flexible Solution :
Traditionally, when more sources and displays are added to an AV network, new matrix switchers may be required. BeingHD' System is modular so can be expanded dynamically. It offers administrators the ability to add inputs (encoders) and outputs (decoders) individually, without the need to install and configure new matrix switchers. 

Cost Efficiency : 
Because the BeingHD's 4K AV over IP system is fully scalable, system expansion is simply a case of adding the encoders and decoders you need. This makes the OIP system very affordable, in terms of the initial investment, the cost of expansion, installation time and ongoing system management. 

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