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  • 4K AV over IP Matrix System with Video Wall Decoder Encoder
  • 4K AV over IP Matrix System with Video Wall Decoder Encoder
  • 4K AV over IP Matrix System with Video Wall Decoder Encoder

4K AV over IP Matrix System with Video Wall Decoder Encoder

The 4K AV over IP encoder(IPM-925T) and AV over IP decoder(IPM-925R) can work together to provide complete end-to-end streaming system or it can work with the network switch to realize a one to many, many to one and many to many systems.


4K HDMI AV Over IP System demo

4K hDMI AV over IP System Introduction

This a 4K HDMI over IP Matrix, Video Wall and Multiview system, the transmitter and Receiver is same unit, it can be switched/defined by the PC software to work either as encoder or as decoder which can provide more application flexibilities and save the costs.

On the front panel with a LCD screen to show name, IP address and version info, it will be super helpful when do the system settings. With both DC and POE power supply to provide the installation easier, when set the unit working as Encoder, it will can support 1 HDMI loop out with 3.5mm audio embedded and de-embedded, support 1*RS232, 1*RS485, 1*Relay, 1*I/O central control ports, also the Keyboard and mouse transmission.


This system supports Windows software, Android/iOS tablet APP and UDP commands control, also support the control UI customization. Support to work as matrix switcher switching, Video Wall Control, Distribution and multiview(up to 16-win per screen), support preview functions, support the RTSP IP camera decoding etc functions.


Using 1G network switch, multicast working mode, the input and output resolutions are up to 4K30, low latency and seamless switching between the sources. This system can be widely used in the commercial, residential or governmental applications.

4K hDMI AV over IP System pictures

  • 4K-AV-over-IP-Decoder-HDMI-Extend-KVM-over-IP-Matrix-Video-Wall
  • 4K-AV-over-IP-Decoder-HDMI-Extend-KVM-over-IP-matrix-video-wall-925-2222
  • 4K-AV-over-IP-Decoder-HDMI-Extend-KVM-over-IP-matrix-video-wall-925-22
  • 4K-AV-over-IP-Decoder-HDMI-Extend-KVM-over-IP-Matrix-Video-Wall

  • 4K hDMI AV Over IP System Features

    · Transmitter and Receiver in one box, switchable by software

    · Input and output resolutions are up to 4K30, distance up to 150m

    · Support Matrix Switching, Video Wall, multiview and distributions

    · Support preview, OSD, EDID management etc functions

    · Support to open up to 16-window per screen, but no PIP and POP

    · Plug and Play

    · Support POE and DC both power supply

    · Support the control UI customizing

    · Support Windows software, APP control, no IP control box needed

    · Support TCP/UDP control commands

    · Support the central control interfaces

    · Support the Keyboard and mouse transmission, audio in&out

    · Support ONVIF and RTSP protocols

    4K hDMI AV Over IP system Technical Parameters


    Front panel
    Indicators PWR: power indicator

    SYS: System indicator 

    LINK: LAN cable connection indicator 

    HDMI: HDMI signal status

    OLED Screen Showing the Model, ID, IP, status
    Back panel
    Video 1*Type-A HDMI
    Control 1*RS232 phoenix connector

    1*RS485phoenix connector 

    1*Replay phoenix connector 

    1* I/O phoenix connector

    1*3.5mm IN
    LAN 1*RJ-45(PoE)
    USB 2*USB-B ports for Keyboard&mouse or PC host
    DC 12V 1A
    Video HDMI1.4, HDMICP1.4, resolution up to 4K30 in and out
    Audio +32°F ~ +113°F (0°C ~ +45°C)
    HDMI1.4, HDMICP1.4, resolution up to 4K30 in and out
    IP Bandwidth up to 20Mbps

    Manually static IP address

    Protocol H.264/265

    Latency 80~120ms


    3rd Party Control by TCP/ UDP

    Windows PC software, Android/iOS APP

    Product dimension

    175*110.5*25 (L*W*H)(mm)





    Net Weight? 0.60kg/1.32lb

    4K HDMI AV over IP system packing list

    IPM-925 x1

    Power Supply 12V1.5A x1 

    4K HDMI aV over IP system Connection diagram

    Working as Extender, one to one

    Working as Distribution, one to many

    Working as Matrix Switcher, Many to Many

    Working as Video Wall Processor and Multiviewer

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