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Do You Know How The LCD Screens Video Wall processor is Aplied In The Multimedia Conference Room?

Release date:2022-12-14 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

As the core of signal processing in large-screen projects, the graphics LCD screens video wall processor determines the display effect, display quality, operation flexibility and system reliability of the entire system. In recent years, with the rapid development of audio and video industry technology, video wall processor are more and more widely used in audio and video systems in various industries. Do you know what the application of LCD screens video wall processor is like in multimedia conference rooms?


The LCD screens video wall processor is a video source and a variety of digital connections to the large-screen splicing wall, monitoring system or other display terminals. It adopts a new modular concept, and a single machine can freely combine input and output modules. The seamless cascading of machines realizes the connection of control and signal transmission. The image splicing processor can divide a single screen on the client side, and support any video input signal in the multimedia conference room. It can be zoomed in, zoomed out, cross-screen or full-screen at any position in any ratio, and all signal windows can be roamed arbitrarily, A series of superposition and scaling functions, through the multi-application server function, can pull multiple different application signals opened on the same computer to the large screen for simultaneous display, and at the same time have the desktop capture function, which can integrate multiple applications on the same network segment The computer is projected to the large screen according to actual needs, and the user can operate the signal on the large screen through an ipad or a personal computer.


For large-scale conferences with multiple participants, such as in multimedia conference rooms, the content of the speech should be displayed to the audience. A LCD Screens Video Wall processor that can support ultra-high-definition is undoubtedly your first choice. Its functions fully meet the application of multimedia conference room.

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