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Why Use Fiber Optic HD Extender For Video Signal Connection Between Multiple Conference Rooms

Release date:2022-03-09 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

With the development of a large company, the conference system continues to expand, and there are more and more large and small conference rooms and lecture halls, which are responsible for the convening of various meetings within the company, and the liaison between departments is also getting closer and closer, so the requirements for multimedia conference systems are getting higher and higher to meet the needs of various departments. In order to increase the multi-signal intercommunication between conference rooms, it is necessary for the video signals between conference rooms to be connected and stable. The Fiber Optic HD Extender uses the fiber optic transmitter as the transmission medium, which ensures the image quality without compression and lossy transmission.


What are the advantages of Fiber Optic HD Extender as a long-distance transmission?

1. Using optical fiber transmission, the transmission distance is long, the transmission distance can reach 80 kilometers

2. Strong anti-interference ability: optical fiber is a non-metallic dielectric material, using optical fiber as a conductive medium, free from electromagnetic interference

3. Low image loss, which can effectively solve the problem of unclear image transmission caused by image loss


As a product with stable long-distance transmission and strong anti-interference, Fiber Optic HD Extender not only has long transmission distance, but also supports audio embedding and de-embedding functions. Support plug-in moment can be used, simple and convenient. At the same time, this Fiber Optic HD Extender can also support KVM function.

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