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4K 4x4 HD matrix Switcher helps you to show 4 computers on the 2X2 LCD screen

Release date:2021-12-20 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

4K 4x4 HD matrix Switcher as a common 4K HD Matrix Switcher in audio and video equipment, can support 4 HD inputs and 4 HD outputs, can support 4 computers to be displayed on 4 LCD splicing screens, and can also support 1 computer at the same time Displayed on 4 LCD splicing screens, allowing us to choose different ways of use according to different needs, making the application of the Smart meeting room more flexible.


The 4K 4x4 HD matrix Switcher provide a guarantee for user in the smart meeting room. 1. It supports one-to-many use and many-to-many use, will display 1 computer in the smart meeting room to display on 4 LCD splicing screens, and 4 computers in 4 LCD splicing screen. 2. The 4K 4x4 HD matrix Switcher supports audio embedding and de-embedding, independent audio input, and speaker output. 3. The 4K 4x4 HD matrix Switcher supports LCD large-screen splicing, 4 LCD splicing screens can be spliced into one large display screen. 4. The 4K 4x4 HD matrix Switcher support mobile phone and tablet control switching, control switching is not restricted by time and region


The application of The 4K 4x4 HD matrix Switcher is not only used in smart meeting rooms, but also in monitoring rooms. User can connect 4 video recorders to watch the surveillance video on the LCD splicing screen. At the same time, for the use of 4 video recorders, KVM four-screen splitter can also be used, and only one monitor is needed to control and operate the video recorder.

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