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What is a 100m HD KVM Extender over IP and what does it do?

Release date:2021-08-25 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-
What is a 100m HD KVM extender over IP? As the name suggests, KVM extender refers to a device that extends the keyboard, mouse, and video, through which the signal source can be operated at the remote end. The following editor will give you a brief introduction to this product:


Resolution support maximum 4K@30Hz 4:4:4
Low latency <50ms, 
Support full function USB signal extension
Support HD audio 2CH / 5.1CH / 7.1CH / DTS / Dolby format
Support PoE power supply (802.3AF) , easy for construction and strong system robustness
KVM and USB extension Supports point-to-point/1TX to 253RX over gigabit PoE switch
Point-to-point transmission up to 150M over CAT5e
What does it do?

At present, computer applications involve various industries, but in some special application environments such as: industrial control, dispatch center, call center, monitoring center, etc., due to the harsh or inconvenient environment of the computer application site, computer operation users often need to stay away from the host computer to use computer.


There are also some environments such as: R&D centers, design institutes, etc., due to the safety of the information in the computer to prevent leakage, although the computer host USB interface, optical drive, floppy drive and other precautionary measures have been adopted at present, it is still not effective. The leakage of computer information has caused great losses to enterprises. It is hoped that the technical means of separating the computer users from the mainframe can be used to solve such problems, but without affecting the use of the computer users, the computer mainframes are placed in a safe and confidential environment. The computer is used normally on the office desktop.

100m HD KVM Extender over IP solves the problem of extending the computer keyboard, mouse, monitor, USB interface, audio interface, microphone interface, serial interface, and even the computer’s Reset button and Power button to dozens of them through CAT twisted pair or optical fiber or network Normal use and operation even hundreds of meters away.

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