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Can the HDMI KVM Extender work without external power supply?

Release date:2021-08-26 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-
Can the HDMI KVM Extender over IP work without external power supply? In order to adapt to market demand and make it more convenient for users to use KVM, BingHD has continued to develop and innovate. The new HDMI KVM Extender no longer requires external power and can be used stably. You might ask how you needed it before, but you don’t need it now? The reason is simple. The USB port in the current KVM cable has the power supply function. Every USB has it. Therefore, it will not affect the use of the KVM because there is no external power supply, or the situation that it cannot be used, please rest assured to use the HDMI KVM Extender over IP without power supply.
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