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What are the switching methods of the HD modular matrix switcher? do you know?

Release date:2021-07-07 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

All of us in the audio and video industry know that the HD modular matrix switcher integrates multiple analog and digital matrices into a truly modular, scalable, and field-configurable matrix switcher. It is a plug-in chassis design, which becomes more convenient and time-saving when installing new boards and replacing bad boards. At the same time, it supports a variety of signal input, output and arbitrary switching. But what are the switching methods of the HD modular matrix switcher? You need to know that different switching methods give us different experiences.


What are the switching methods of the HD modular matrix switcher?

1.  laptop web page control switching. The control switching method of the laptop to the HD modular matrix switcher can be directly connected to the LAN port of the laptop and the matrix with a network cable, and enter the IP address for control. You can also connect the router to the LAN port of the matrix and then connect to the router's WIFI for remote control, which is more convenient.

2. The switching can be controlled through the serial interface RS232. Open the serial port assistant and enter the product switch code to control the switch.

3. iPad wireless control switching. The iPad control is the same as the laptop control. It needs to be connected to the router's WIFI to control the modular matrix switcher, and the iPad is more convenient to move than the laptop.

4. Mobile phone control switching. Mobile phone switching is the same as iPad switching.

5. Front panel control switching.

Modular matrix switcher of BeingHD are FM series and MINI series, and both adopt modular design. However, the FM system is a 4 ports 1 card HD modular matrix switcher. The MINI series is a 1 port 1 card. The control methods of the two series of matrixes are the same.

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