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What are the advantages of 4K HDMI KVM extender?

Release date:2021-08-27 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-
With the rapid development of the market economy, 4K HDMI KVM extenders have been widely used in various industries. Many brand companies strive to enable professional KVM extenders to enter more fields and create benefits and value for more users. With the continuous breakthrough and update of the product along with the development of the market economy, the KVM extender perfectly meets the needs of users in various industries and has been recognized and appreciated by many users. KVM extenders have become one of the most important roles in Internet processing and applications. KVM extenders can create a better working environment. For some industries with high technical requirements, a good product can be obtained. It is a very critical task. The simplicity can be attributed to the following advantages:


1. Energy saving and high efficiency
When all servers are placed in a relatively safe and independent place, through the use of Maxtor Dimension’s KVM extender, all are centrally controlled and maintained, the service life of the server is prolonged, and the work efficiency of management and maintenance personnel is greatly improved, so that the server is Working in a superior environment has the effect of minimizing the heat emission and energy saving of all hardware devices, and improving the most basic stability and safety.

2. Convenient and easy to use
The hot-swappable mouse and keyboard of the 4K KVM extender can be perfectly supported, and it has high-quality compatibility. You can complete the target by changing the mouse or keyboard of different specifications and models; it can support mouse, keyboard, monitor, USB, RS232 and other interfaces, Extend the transmission distance up to 100 meters or more.

3. Safe and reliable
4K HDMI KVM extender of BeingHD is equipped with a portable storage interface USB2.0, which guarantees the security of the data to the greatest extent.
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