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How To Switch The Signal And Turn ON/OFF TVs from the Modular HDMI Matrix Switcher control system At The Same Time

Release date:2022-06-15 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

16x16 HDMI Matrix Switcher is a common curing integrated matrix, and it is also a common model. Generally, it is mainly used in some multi-functional conference rooms as video signal switching, transmission and distribution. HDMI input The interface is often connected to a laptop, camera, or video conference terminal. The HDMI output interface is often connected to common projectors, display screens, etc. in conference rooms. Of course, sometimes it is also connected to the splicing of large LCD splicing screens(video wall). Then, the mosaic display of the signal source can be completed.


There are many ways to switch the video signal with the 16x16 HDMI Matrix Switcher. We often use it to control the switching through the network, mainly through the PC terminal to input the IP address on the web page to control the switching signal cable, and through the mobile phone, tablet computer Wireless control switching, wireless control switching can select the webpage to input the IP address, or through the APP. The signal switching of this device is seamless, that is, there will be a black screen interval of about 2 seconds between the two signals, and the input and output of the switching interface and the label of the scene can be changed. The reverse control function is added, and the control code of the splicing large screen can be filled in to realize the on-off and splicing mode control of the large screen, and the control of multiple devices can be controlled at the same time on the control interface. Therefore, 16 inputs and 16 outputs are used. The integrated HDMI matrix is also a network-controlled HDMI matrix.


The 16x16 HDMI Matrix Switcher can complete signal switching and splicing large-screen switch at the same time. There is also an important hardware design, that is, the body of the matrix has a DB9 male socket for reverse control. We spliced the LCD to a large screen The network cable of the screen is connected to the DB9 male seat on the matrix body through the adapter from the network port to DB9, and the on-off and splicing control of the spliced large screen can be completed through the above software control. Of course, if you need to control multiple devices such as power sequencers, curtains, air conditioners, video processors, mixers, and high-definition mixing matrix at the same time, you can choose to use the network programmable central control, saving time, effort and worry.

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