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Why is Seamless HDMI Matrix Switcher With Video Wall More Expensive Than Ordinary HDMI Matrix Switcher?

Release date:2022-06-20 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

As a commonly used equipment in conference rooms, multi-functional exhibition halls, security monitoring and system integration, HDMI matrix switcher is often consulted by customers. The choices are also different. Everyone who knows our industry knows that 4K is more expensive than 1080, and seamless switch is more expensive than seamless switching. Different functions use different chips, which is determined by hardware, and software cannot solve it. Why is the Seamless HDMI Matrix Switcher With Video Wall more expensive than the ordinary HDMI Matrix Switcher?


The difference between Seamless HDMI Matrix Switcher With Video Wall and ordinary HDMI Matrix Switcher:


1. The Seamless HDMI Matrix Switcher With Video Wall uses different chips, which are more high-end than the ordinary version;


2. The switching effect is different. There will be no black screen interval between the two signal switching. It is a quick switch, and the image will not be delayed. The normal version will have a black screen interval of about 1 second;


3. In addition to supporting signal switching, it can support TV wall splicing function.


To sum up, in fact, although the Seamless HDMI Matrix Switcher With Video Wall is not as cost-effective as the ordinary version, it is more favored by actual users or Party A in terms of switching effect and vision. After all, everyone hopes that there will be no black screen when using it. Switch directly to the past. Some conference rooms or command centers with complex designs also require the use of video wall processors or KVM AV over IP system. Therefore, different needs will be different choices.

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