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What Makes AV Over IP Popular in Education For Informational Video Wall

Release date:2022-01-26 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

In the 21st century, AV Over IP is becoming more and more popular in Education for Informational Video Wall, why do so many people like it? The need for technology in today’s education Informational Video Wall is growing rapidly and much of that technology involves audiovisual (AV) solutions to address the increased collaboration needs for educating students in the 21st Century. Schools, colleges, and universities have vast amounts of information to communicate to students, even outside the classroom. 


This includes class schedules, campus events, safety procedures, menus, weather, emergency announcements, and more. Visitors can also benefit from school promotional videos, campus maps, and special event information. Video walls are a great way to provide this information in a centralized, visually stimulating manner.


Instead of the simple projectors and sound systems needed just a few years ago, today’s AV needs have exploded to include interactive smart boards, projectors, computers, monitors, wireless sharing, microphones, video cameras, speakers, streaming video, video walls, digital signage, assistive listening and much more. In addition, these systems need to be flexible enough to respond to changing space requirements such as room combining and broadcasting to overflow spaces.

We have identified these 5 key reasons why AV Over IP makes popular in education today:

1. Simplified Cabling and Reduced Infrastructure Costs

2. Greater Flexibility

3. Ease of Adding New Features

4. Greater Scalability

5. Improved Control and Monitoring


BeingHD AV Over IP is a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective AV over IP distribution platform that is ideal for video wall deployments. AV Over IP networked AV encoders handle encoding of HDMI sources such as computers, set-top boxes, and media players onto a Gigabit Ethernet infrastructure. These sources can represent a wide array of content for display on the video wall including campus promotional videos, social media feeds, news, weather, sports, performances, event schedules, cafeteria menus, and more. AV Over IP networked AV decoders handle decoding AV content for each of the displays in the video wall. BeingHD AV Over IP provides easy to use system control and flexible routing of content to the displays.

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