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Application of 4K seamless HDMI Matrix Switcher in Modern Smart Conference Room

Release date:2021-12-28 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

4K seamless HDMI Matrix Switcher support mixed insertion of multiple boards and different cards. Mixing matrix switching of interface signals, in a modern smart conference room, the signal sources are mainly desktop computers, laptops, high-definition cameras, large-screen projectors, splicing large screens, interactive devices, LCD lifting screens, monitors and other devices that use different interfaces. According to the previous The traditional solution requires multiple matrixes with different interfaces to switch, which is very inconvenient for you to use and switch. The emergence of 4K seamless HDMI Matrix Switcher has helped us solve this problem. 


Traditional matrix switching is prone to problems such as cracks, jitter, and black screen during the switching process. These conditions can no longer meet the requirements of customers. At the same time, some modern smart conference rooms can no longer meet the needs of customers. However, the 4K seamless HDMI Matrix Switcher is a A hybrid matrix that supports a variety of signal interface boards and cards, and a variety of signal hybrid switching, can fully meet the needs of customers when facing different interface equipment in the smart conference room. All a 4K seamless HDMI Matrix Switcher can replace the traditional equipment Multiple matrixes, while HDBaset board card adopts network cable transmission, and the use of transmitters solves the problem of long-distance transmission of signals in a smart conference room.


4K seamless HDMI matrix switcher is very familiar to people in our industry. Its control method can be WEB control, APP control, RS232 control. HDMI matrix has audio and de-embedding, and also has EDID management function, with seamless switching function, with splicing function, and so on, learn it more

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