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Why Choose a Video Wall HDMI Matrix Switcher To Switch Video And Audio Signal For Smart Conference Projects?

Release date:2022-05-19 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

With the construction and development of many smart conference rooms, many conference rooms are using large splicing screens, which need to access local video conference equipment and remote video conferences at the same time, such as computers, laptop, video conference terminals, cameras, etc., In smart conference projects, engineers and integrators use Video Wall HDMI Matrix Switcher, which is mainly responsible for video switching and splicing in conference rooms.


Advantages of using Video Wall HDMI Matrix Switcher in smart conference room projects:


1. The matrix host adopts a plug-in design, and the output and output boards are designed with a single-card single-channel and a single-card four-channel design. The board can be replaced at any time if there is a problem, providing more options for later maintenance and repair. ;


2. Support signal format and resolution conversion, can achieve seamless switching function, switching without black screen, splash screen;


3. Input and output support a variety of signal interfaces: DVI/HDMI/VGA/SDI/CVBS/HDBaseT/Fiber;


4. Supports automatic storage protection in power-off scenarios, and automatic recovery and memory functions when powered on;


5. Support splicing function, the splicing system can be configured through the three major systems of windows/Android/Apple, and more than 6 splicing groups can be built;


6. Support audio and video decoding function, can directly connect to common IP cameras on the market;


7. Support 4K60 444 signal input and output and seamless switching, support HDCP2.2


BeingHD is a manufacturer of audio and video products integrating R&D, production, sales and service of intelligent conference system equipment. The products are widely used in intelligent conference rooms, command centers, etc. The Video Wall HDMI Matrix Switcher of BeingHD is divided into two types: single-card single-channel and one-card four-channel, which can meet the needs of different customers and allow customers and users to have more choices.

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