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How Does The Video Wall Function Of The HDMI Matrix Switcher Make Multiple Screens Spliced Into a Large Video Wall?

Release date:2022-05-17 Source:BeingHD Pageviews:-

With the promotion of the "One Hundred Cities Thousand Screens" project, the development of LED screens has brought LED screens back to the main outdoor battlefield again. As a screen often used in indoor conferences room and control command rooms, LCD screens have gradually replaced many traditional projectors. In some larger conferences room, 2X2 and 3X3 LCD splicing screens are used. At the same time, there are often many conference rooms. This kind of equipment needs to be connected to the display screen. If only the video wall function of the LCD splicing screen is used, the video signals of multiple devices cannot be switched to the LCD splicing screen, so the video wall function of the HDMI matrix switcher can be solved, and the signal can be switched at the same time. Implement the video wall  function.


So how does the video wall function of the HDMI matrix switcher make multiple splicing screens spliced into a large screen?


1. We first enter the web control interface through the WEB page control, and then switch multiple video signals on the switching interface to display on multiple LCD splicing screens.


2. Click on the TV splicing wall to create a splicing wall, then select the input signal port, and then switch the output port once to realize the splicing function. It only takes 2 simple steps to realize the splicing of the entire large screen. At the same time, the input and output audio can also be selected through the interface.


The video wall function of HDMI matrix switcher can help customers whether they want to enlarge and watch video images, or display multiple images independently, it can be more convenient and simple. If you want to zoom in and out of video images at will through a tablet, you can choose KVM AV over IP and video wall processors for roaming, windowing, and overlaying.

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